The DVB-BILLING program is designed to manage the subscriber base and manage subscriber decoders in large commercial broadcasting DVB networks.The DVB-BILLING software comes with a Statistics Server. Depending on the sales order, the Statistics Server can be either the simplest (demo version) or the most complex, up to a group of servers assembled by cluster technology.

The main functions of the Statistics Server are:

  • management of subscriber decoders;
  • keeping records of subscribers’ payments;
  • feed to the EPG data stream;
  • input of service information PAT, PMT, CAT, TSDT, NIT, SDT, EIT, TDT (formed in full compliance with the specification EN 300 468) into the transport stream;
  • creation of various reports on payments.

Additional functions of the Statistics Server are:

  • As part of the TROPHY base station, the Server takes full control of the DB100, DB800 and DB800-CI streamers. The data generated by the Statistics Server is sent to the streamers using the dvbserver program.
  • Displaying real-time monitoring data of the streamers;
  • Integration of the Statistics Server with the system of bank payment terminals.


The system is installed on the Linux OS Debian 4.0.
The main components of the system are located in the /opt directory. Firebird is database. The database is located /var/db. Some components of the system are located in the /home/palich/bin/ directory, namely:
– net_cam_server – the subscription server with its configuration camserver.conf file;
– the generator of service tables si_gen with its configuration file si_gen.conf;
– parser xmlTV files with TV program xmlreadEPG;
– scripts for updating programs and auxiliary files.