TV4U Quad DVB-C to DVB-C transmodulator


Four DVB-C carriers into one device!


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The transmodulator converts DVB-C transponders into 16QAM/ 32QAM/ 64QAM/ 128QAM/256QAM signals to transmit them in cable TV amplifier.
The TV4U QUAD DVB-C to DVB-C TRANSMODULATOR receives a transport stream via Cable Network. It can receive up to 4×60 elementary transport streams.
In some cases, the Cable TV operator needs to apply unencrypted channels in a detached building.
For example, it is necessary to give a signal in a large office or in a hotel. If the operator uses TROPHY-ACCESS encryption, such a possibility is realized with the help of DVB-C to DVB-C transmodulator. That is, the four scrambled carriers are converted into four
FTA carriers with an inexpensive and compact device. In addition, the output channel frequency can be changed to the transmodulator output.