ARCOTEL WT8628C Optical Transmitter


Optical transmitter is intended to transfer cable television signals through optical fiber.
It is equipped with a high-stable cooled DFB laser (made in USA). Structurally it is made in a form of unit in height 1U under installation into the 19″ rack and has buit-in supply unit. It is controlled by microprocessor with the possibility of installation of notification thresholds at underrating or uprating of transmitter working parameters, setting of the parameter of transmitted signals quantity, automatic or manual adjustment of the RF signal level transmitted to the laser, and possibility of remote monitoring of main parameters of the transmitter by means of SNMP network protocol.






The front panel of the transmitter consists of the following elements:
digital indicator of working modes control . Depending on the indication mode, it can give an information about output optical power, laser temperature, laser current, or coolant current etc.
F socket of the test point of the input RF signal;
laser switch lock. This key must be in the “Off” position when power is applied to the device;
control buttons;
LED indicators of work modes.

The rear panel of the transmitter consists of the following elements:
Input socket of a RF signal;
LAN interface for network monitoring;
Output optical connector;
Socket of connection of mains supply cable;
RS232 port.