TROPHY-ACCESS decoder image


The unique ID number must be uploaded in the STB through a special JTAG-port.



The factory-supplier sends the Set-Top-Boxes with built-in TROPHY-ACCESS decoder without assigned a unique ID number. By default, a FPGA chip has zero-decoder image. After prepaid the unique ID numbers must be uploaded in the Set-Top-Boxes through a special JTAG-port. PAT-TV Providers are able to choose one of three ways to initialize the decoders:
1. The images are uploaded in the intermediate service-center. This should be provided at an additional cost of goods shipment through intermediate storage.
2. TROPHY engineer programs the Set-Top-Boxes at the customer’s warehouse. This method requires additional travel expenses.
3. The customer installs the Linux server with special software for remote programming of the FPGA images. The customer is obliged to buy the server and programmer in the TROPHY company. Prepaid unique images filled from Trophy server remotely through the customer’s server to the Set-Top-Box, which is currently connected to the JTAG-programmer.