TV4U Quad DVB-S2 to DVB-C transmodulator


Four DVB-C carriers into one device!



  • Through the use of the FPGA technology the transmodulators provides the highest performance at the lowest price.
  • Four carriers are formed by direct synthesis, whereby
    is achieved an excellent spectral signal parameters.
  • The Professional TROPHY-ACCESS descrambler are integrated into transmodulators. (For the initialization of descrambler function must purchased an additional license)
  • TROPHY ACCESS Professional descrambler allows to simultaneously decoding all TROPHY-ACCESS crypted services that offers unique opportunities to building of corporate cable networks.
  • For example, if transmodulator receives a TROPHY-ACCESS
    scrambled signal, the output signal can be FTA.
  • That is, all the services (or part of services) will be opened.
  • Broadcaster controls built-in TROPHY-ACCESS descrambler
    by sending of additional service information in the Transport