410C series Common Interface DVB to IP streamer


DVB-S/S2 (SDI-410C), DVB-T/T2/C (STI-410C) to IP streamers designed to broadcast in multicast on an IP network the services (TV or Radio programmes) issued from FTA or encrypted digital reception; in case of encrypted signal, a CAM containing the operator’s smart card must fit the slot.





Input: one DVB transport stream (MPTS).
Output: up to 24 simultaneous, IP-encapsulated services (TV or Radio programs), with individual multicast addresses and one MPTS stream.
Information filtering of DVB tables.
UDP & RTP transmission protocols.
Web interface for configuration and setting.
SNMP agent for monitoring and alarms.
SAP & SDP protocols that facilitate automatic service selection on the user’s STB and provide information to external servers.
PID filtering.
PSI/SI parsing.
Transparent ECM & EMM messaging.
PAT, PMT and SDT table regeneration.
Routing or blocking for CAT, EIT, TDT tables.
Configurable QoS marking.
Configurable Time To Live.