AMD-55-DVB-S/S2 modulator/multiplexer


Up to 120 channels embedded MUX!



AMD-55-DVB-S/S2 MODULATOR / MULTIPLEXER is a brand new DVB-S/S2 modulator/multiplexer designed for applications over satellite digital TV or MVDS in full compliance with DVB standard.

The AMD-55-DVB-S/S2 MODULATOR / MULTIPLEXER converts transponders included IP or ASI transport stream into QPSK/8PSK/16APSK/32APSK signal to transmit them in satellite or MVDS L-band Up-Converter.

DVB-S/S2 carrier from available up to 120 transport streams are multiplexed and generated. The internal processing allows the output of DVB signals in full HD resolution.

The device receives a data stream via Gigabit Ethernet or ASI. It can receive up to 120 transport streams from the TROPHY HeadEnd or from another IP sources included MPEG transport streams.

The AMD-55-DVB-S/S2 MODULATOR / MULTIPLEXER integrates all the mechanisms required to feed transmitter sites with ASI or IP streams in highly secure formats. MODULATOR include all the latest state-of-the art technological features, and Broadcasters are able now to take full advantage of this second generation Terrestrial Digital TV technology, and deploy techniques such as SISO/MISO and Multi-PLP layered modulation.


covers the 950…2150MHz range and offers bit rate up to 200 Mbps limited to 55MHz bandwidth (i.e. 45Mbaud with a 0.2 roll-off);

provides up to 120 independent multiplexed MPEG transport streams to a single carrier, with built-in support for TROPHY-ACCESS Conditional Access System for content protection. Software license to enable TROPHY-ACCESS scrambler solution;

also equipped ASI transport stream input;

takes full advantages of the IP technology to provide a cost effective, highly reliable and flexible solution;

has highly efficient multiplexing algorithms with PCR correction;

supports all PIDs of input services;

supports Full PID remapping;

provides effective compensation of network jitter;

supports Control and Set-Up via WEB-interface;

has high performance and reliability.