Optical transmitter for distributing satellite and terrestrial signal


Optical transmitter (OPT-TX DT) and optical receiver (OPT-RX DT) for distributing satellite and digital terrestrial signals through a single-mode fibre optic cable.

The incoming RF signals to the OPT-TX DT transmitter are converted and distributed through a single-mode fibre optic that can be split by splitters and passive taps enabling them to be sent to multiple optical connections (PON=Passive Optical Network) using a single transmitter.




The system requires the use of a conventional LNB and provides a traditional 5 core output (4 SAT + 1 TV) to enable a cascadable installation to additional transmitters or to a traditional multiswitch system.

The AGC (Automatic Gain Control) in the transmitter makes the product configuration much easier by automatically adjusting the input signal level to the optical laser.